RDP NLA with Azure AD: The PKU2U Nightmare

This post tackles the challenges of RDP Network Level Authentication (NLA) with Azure AD, labeled as the PKU2U nightmare, offering detailed solutions for common problems. It addresses enabling PKU2U authentication, Azure AD workplace joining, the correct Azure AD username format, and third-party application support, providing both technical insights and practical steps to mitigate these issues in Azure AD environments.

Marc-André Moreau published on
7 min, 1315 words

RDP Smartcard Logon: User Name Does Not Exist

Navigate through the confusion of "the specified user name does not exist" error during RDP smartcard logon, offering insights into common misinterpretations and actionable solutions. This post breaks down error messages, suggests disabling strict KDC validation, and guides on certificate trust validation, ensuring successful authentication with practical steps and PowerShell commands.

Marc-André Moreau published on
7 min, 1359 words