Active Directory Kerberos KDC certificate selection

Discover the intricacies of Active Directory's Kerberos KDC certificate selection for PKINIT, including techniques for choosing a specific certificate, analysis using IDA Pro, and PowerShell cmdlets for managing certificates. This deep dive explores the challenges and solutions for ensuring the right KDC certificate is used, overcoming the unpredictability of certificate selection in Windows environments.

Marc-André Moreau published on
12 min, 2247 words

Active Directory LDAPS certificate selection deep dive

A deep dive into Active Directory LDAPS certificate selection, detailing the technical intricacies of ensuring secure communications through TLS. This guide covers the validation and selection process, including PowerShell scripts for certificate management, aiming to clarify and resolve common issues with LDAPS implementation.

Marc-André Moreau published on
9 min, 1768 words

Fix Kerberos Machine TGT Fetching on Startup

Resolve RDP NLA issues on domain-joined devices outside the corporate network by configuring a scheduled task to fetch the Kerberos machine TGT at startup. This practical solution ensures secure, remote desktop access without compromising network security, detailed with step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips.

Marc-André Moreau published on
2 min, 347 words