Enable PowerShell WinRM Remoting in PowerShell 7

Enable PowerShell 7 WinRM remoting for efficient server management without relying on SSH. This post provides a straightforward method to incorporate PowerShell 7 into Windows environments, ensuring compatibility and simplifying remoting tasks with practical code snippets and configuration advice.

Marc-André Moreau published on
10 min, 1834 words

Debugging PowerShell Binary Modules in Visual Studio

Learn to create and debug PowerShell binary modules in Visual Studio, covering both local and remote debugging. This guide simplifies the development process for PowerShell modules, enhancing productivity with practical examples and troubleshooting tips for common issues.

Marc-André Moreau published on
13 min, 2529 words

PowerShell Remoting Trusted Hosts: What does it mean?

This guide demystifies the "TrustedHosts" setting in PowerShell remoting, explaining its significance and how to configure it to avoid common errors. It offers solutions for enabling remote connections, particularly when Kerberos or HTTPS isn't used, ensuring security and connectivity for non-domain-joined machines or across different domains.

Marc-André Moreau published on
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